Tuesday, September 07, 2010


On July 24, 2010, Adventure and Recreational Club (ARC) held a Silver Jubilee Celebration at the Banquet Hall, CAC, IIUM Gombak. This program aimed to celebrate the ARC has 25 years of IIUM was established in the earth. With this program, indirectly, ukhwah and silaturrahim between ARCIIUM Gombak and ARCIIUM Kuantan more closely and it is also an opportunity to get closely with the senior of Latepackers.

So, ARCIIUM Kuantan has sent a bus to show support for more precise at this beloved club. Buses depart from Kuantan around 12 noon and arrive at IIUM Gombak at 4pm. The ceremony started at 7.30pm with the attendance of members of the ARC from all over the world.

Black, White and Gray has been a theme of the evening. The audience is presented with a quite impressive multimedia presentation. The ceremony accompanied with the Lucky Draw event every 30 minutes. Gift of the most-awaited by all attendees is a ticket to Jogjakarta (if not mistaken) and was won by a member of the ARC Gombak (also if not mistaken). Kuantan ARCIIUM members not less lucky when one by one is called to take the prize. Writer also get a lucky draw (mouse) for the first time in life. hahaha ..

With a fee of RM 10, we served with rice Beriyani, curry goat, chicken masak merah, Acar, and papadom for dinner, and watermelon as dessert. Kuantan ARCIIUM members took the opportunity to eat freely as the way home after the ceremony will still remote. hehe ..

The ceremony proceeded with the appointment of new president and new committee line up of Latepackers. Meanwhile, members of the ARCIIUM Gombak and  ARCIIUM Kuantan take the opportunity to mingle with each other. The ceremony ended at 11 pm and members ARCIIUM Kuantan left home. Hapiness that display on their faces brings a thousand meanings.

organizing committees.

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