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X-plorasi Berakit Sungai Pahang IPT 1Malaysia 2010

This  exploration was organized by UMP in collaboration with KPT on 9 May to 15 May 2010 last semester holiday.
The main districts involved in this exploration are: 
a) Temerloh
b) Bera
c) Maran
d) Pekan
There are five pitstop which are: 
a) Kg. Kuala Triang di Bera
b) Kg. Chenor di Mara
c) Kg. Baru Salong di Pekan
d) Kg. Padang Rumbia di Pekan
e) Pekan Waterfront
The estimates distance is about 190 km

IIUM Kuantan sent 12  participants for 2 rafting team and 5 participants for ground crew. they are:
  1. Bazli
  2. Aliaa
  3. Apip
  4. Dilla
  5. Don
  6. Mad
  7. Payya
  8. Dhiya
  9. Mieyra
  10. Faraheen
  11. Amir
  12. Adha
  13. Adli
  14. Syamil
  15. Bubble
  16. Ammar
  17. Zaimi

With the knowledge and guidance provided by the ARC advisor, Bro. Asri, we made it through all the obstacles and trials encountered during the exploration for this time. He has help us a lot and make us more touched when he also sponsored two pieces of T-shirt each for the Rafting Team for this time.

Various alternatives are used to ensure that the raft can speed at the Pahang River. For example, we used 12-meter PVC tube and placed under each raft. It is clear that our raft fast and easy to rip apart a little current. In addition, the size of the raft is a little bit small and narrow compared to previous years. The theme for this year is 1Malaysia so we decorate with colored fabrics in blue, red, yellow and white. We ensure that the decorations do not interfere with the comfort of the paddler and not weigh the raft. As usual, the IIUM Kuantan team show with the theme of simplicity.hehe.. However, one of the IIUM Kuantan Team managed to get fifth place on the race day which is on the third day of exploration. Congratulations.

However, some problems should be overcome to ensure that such exploration is progressing well in the future. Among them, we should give more attention to budget for materials to make a paddle. This year, we use the billboard as a paddle, but it appears that the material is not able to hold against the Pahang River. Paddle we did not last long until the end of the exploration and the overall destruction of six, including a broken paddle and drown. Perhaps, maybe plastic bottle is the best alternative in the future. Besides, we also face the problem of transportation. Hopefully, this problem should not recur.

Release of small fish.

Official transport. Million thanks to Apip and Bazli.

The breaks paddle on the first day.

RTM 1 reporter interviewed Aliaa for Panorama programme.

Warming Up


ARCIIUM Gombak Team.

Dinner at Zuzana. 19 May 2010

Harian Metro, Variasi, V8
Sabtu 22 Mei 2010

We hope to see you again in the Pahang River Rafting Expedition in the future. =)
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