Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Know Amazing Fact About me..

Since your birth 2455168 days ago,

Your heart has beat more than 254551818240 times.

Your heart has pumped more than 18585621760 litres or 4910336000 gallons of blood.

Your kidneys have filtered more than 417378560 litres or 110482560 gallons of blood.

You have breathed more than 53031628800 times.

You have inhaled more than 25555843712 litres or 27006848000 quarts of air.

Your breathing has generated more than 2209651.2 kg or 4871365.08 pounds of Carbon dioxide.

You have blinked more than 32997457920 times.

Your mouth has produced more than 2332409.6 litres or 613792 gallons of saliva.

Your body has shed more than 4566612.48 grams or 10067.49 pounds of skin.

You have lost more than 245516800 strands of hair.

If you hadn't taken single haircut, your hair would be more than 40597.27 inches long today.

If you hadn't cut your fingernails a single time, they would be more than 8102.0544 inches long today.

If you hadn't cut your toenails a single time, they would be more than 4664.8192 inches long today.

Drunk 3074 gallons or 11527.5 litres of water.

Eaten 31508.5 pounds or 14292 kg of food.

Slept 2401.56 days or 6.58 years in your life.

Shed 15.37 litres or 4.05768 gallons of tears.

Produced 7300.75 litres or 1921.25 gallons of saliva.

Yawned 30740 times.

Sneezed 23055 times.

Burped 115275 times.

Farted 107590 times.

Passed out 7685 quarts or 7272.3155 litres of gas via burping and farting.

Produced 2920.3 litres or 768.5 gallons of sweat.

-taken from FaceBook quiz- \('^.+)/

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